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Welcome to Calculator App. We've created a useful selection of free online business calculators as well as a set of handy, free apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle and Windows Phones that will allow you to quickly calculate many of the calculations you require on a daily basis.

Please browse our selection of free online calculators and free calculator apps. If there is a calculation missing that you would like us to make then please do get in touch with your suggestion.

Blackjack - calculate the best choice to make with a Blackjack hand.

Conversion Rate - calculate sales conversion ratios for sales from a website/app or shop.

Craft Pricing - work out how much to charge for handmade items.

Discounts - calculate the sale price of a product using a discount percentage.

PayPal Fees - calculate PayPal charges when receiving a payment.

Price Markup - calculate the retail price of products using a percentage based profit margin.

Race Night Tote - quickly work out tote payouts for fundraising race nights.

Sales Tax - add or subtract sales tax to a products price.

Tips - quickly calculate how much of a tip to leave when dining out.

VAT - add or subtract value added tax to a products price.

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