How to Calculate Tips

When dining out it is customary and in some countries mandatory to leave a small tip for the table staff.

Calculating a tip can be tricky, especially if you are splitting the bill with your friends.

Our tip calculator makes it quick and easy to calculate a tip and to also split the bill with friends. Simply enter the number of diners, a tip percentage and the total bill due.

The calculator will then work out the tip amount for you as well as the overall amount to pay and also how much each diner has to pay.

Try the Tip calculator for yourself (to the right on PC or below on a smartphone) to calculate tips and to split the bill between diners. The currency used in the calculator is not important, simply enter values in your local currency.

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Tip Calculator

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If you'd prefer to do calcs offline, you can install the FREE Tip Calculator App for Android, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire and Windows Phone.

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